What we do

What we do

University Bound delivers inquiries that convert to enrollments and students at a great cost per enrollment. The key to our success is the blended experience of our management team. To be efficient requires effective call center management. To be effective requires highly focused agent training, monitoring and management that only former admissions counselor can provide. We have both. Our call center managers are the mechanics. They focus on and solve for technological inefficiencies, such as dialing strategies, contact rates, abandon rates and agent occupancy. Our training managers are the Drivers, their focus is the recruiting, management and training of our call center agents. They teach the agents what to say, and more importantly, what never to say. Having these two disciplines

in-house allows us to deliver compliant high quality inquiries at a reasonable cost. The hidden truth in higher education inquiry generation is that over 60% of ALL INQUIRIES hits a call center before the schools get ahold of it. We understand our partner school’s concern about this channel and the associated problems; poorly qualified inquiries and non-compliant inquiries. The underlying causes of these bad leads are a lack of training and sales incentives. Our agents are required to successfully complete a two week training program prior to making their first phone call. Once on the floor, each training agent is assigned an agent mentor and their calls are monitored 100% for script adherence and assigned a quality score. After training, calls are randomly monitored and scored for quality. Any score of less than 100% is immediately addressed! Performance reviews are conducted quarterly. The number of inquiries submitted by an agent is not a factor during a performance review. Agents are evaluated based upon adherence to company procedures, efficiency (%paused, % after-call-work) and their overall call quality score. To receive an increase in pay, an agent must be highly successful in all aspects of their job AND have a 100% quality score on their calls. Since sales incentives are never given and the focus is on call quality, we eliminate the temptation for unscrupulous behavior!

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